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Polycarp @ tech

It's nice to meet you

Hey friends! I never ever blogged previously and bit excited to start my journey. I have no fear to begin another tech project at my job. But I am totally new to blogging.

Fail of French Solar Road - Forecast That Came True

This specific venture is an excellent sample of wasting tax money on ridiculous stuff. While almost every engineer who has a piece of paper and a pencil forecasted the ineffectiveness of Solar Highway, the eurocrats persisted to waste taxpayer money vigorously.
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The Search For a High Quality Coffee Maker

Yesterday evening, our team witnessed the death of our old coffee maker. It was actually a basic machine manufactured sometime ago, and yet it managed serving my office for 10 years: completely no awful cheap-plastic smells, always great coffee. Right now we seek a replacement.

When trying to look for user reviews, I found this fellow from, and he showed me the reason why i'm just seeing crap on practically half of the product review sites.

100 % Natural Insanity

In the present day the delight just for natural and organic defeated all of rational boundaries. While browsing for the descaling treatments for our coffee brewer, I enjoyed professionally on people's lack of education.